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  • deb

    deb boones mill

    howdy, did ya git ma teeth yet lol....hey brutha ;)
    howdy, did ya git ma teeth yet lol....hey brutha wink
  • Richard

    Richard Seaside

    Very catchy, I really like the vocals. Definitely sharing this page!!
    Very catchy, I really like the vocals. Definitely sharing this page!!


I am Dwight Morgan...Songwriter



So I can let you know when I post a new tune, but if I catch you listening to my music on your computer speakers I will hunt you down and hurt you real bad!

There are no upcoming events right now.

Music Blog

My song writing Methodology 

Monkey Girls



The following mish mash of words and lyrics are written here to demonstrate how my mind works. In my 50s I have become a songwriter of sorts, leaving behind to a degree my past addictions of live sound, loud guitars and rock n a degree.

I spent last Wednesday at a niece's house working on a project she has, we were successful all the way around. However, at one point I asked her if she would like to hear a song I was working on, she was curious to hear, so IRead more

New Studio Software and gadgetry 

Well I have my recording system back on line. Removed pretty much all analog outboard gear. New recording software and mic all sound kinda awesome! My new tune, "Invisibility" is awaiting drum tracks which are going to be played by a good friend of mine, Bruce Mitchell a damn good drummer. The song is probably a month out but then I always under estimate the time it takes to record, tweak and master tracks. Anyway, looking forward to getting it posted.
meanwhile...Dawn and I are headed out to… Read more

The Lloyd Dobler Effect 

Cool Cool Cool!! The long awaited new album from my favorite band will release on the 15th of February. The Lloyd Dobler Effect. An Irish/Spanish influenced band...Spanish as in ...that's right SPAIN you know, where the Spanish language actually comes from , yeah that Spain.

Idle Studio 

Taking some time out to rework my studio. Changing software, eliminating some outboard equipment and just generally updating everything. Once all the changes I want to do are done it will take me some time to perform bug fixes and then test the whole system by recording a complete tune. Whether I'll keep that particular recording is a question. Any way, the website will be idle as far as new music additions. As I may have stated in a previous post I have 2 songs rattling around and generally marinating inRead more

No Goodbyes A/V 

Here's a tune I wrote for my lovely wife Dawn Marie to sing at her Mom and Dad's Memorial in New York Last year. We worked all day on this song. Recorded the audio over and over and over and over again ...then eased it and recorded it again, then put video to it, formatted it rendered it...twice and here it is. Find the boo boo and we'll laugh with you!